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Cristina and Timothy


Nuestra Historia / Our Story

No soy de supersticiones, pero supe que Timothy sería mi compañero de vida cuando nos vimos por primera vez en la playa. Sentados frente al mar, parecía que los años previos a ese momento habían sido la preparación para ese día.

Esa tarde descubrimos coincidencias increíbles. Años atrás Timothy había visitado el Ecuador, su repertorio musical era similar al mío y usamos lentes de aumento de la misma medida. ¡Cómo no nos habíamos visto antes! Los miopes no ven de lejos.

Esta claro que desde que nos vimos no dejamos de hacerlo más


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Cristina and Timothy found an unexpected connection in a whirlwind of digital dating. Cristina, vibrant and sharp, with a loyalty as fierce as her humor, and Timothy, God-fearing, passionate yet analytical, with humor so dry it's often camouflaged.

Our journey to love took us beyond the screens to the jetties of Fort Lauderdale Beach. It was there, amidst Timothy's eclectic beach attire, that we discovered a bond deeper than the ocean. This connection was further sealed when we spontaneously continued our date to a Korean BBQ, where Cristina, waiting due to my cautious driving, humorously thought I had ditched her!

Our relationship is a tapestry of laughter, affection, and shared moments. We affectionately call each other 'Amor,' a term so integral to our bond that even our friends and family have adopted it.

Our future is envisioned with hope and excitement. We dream of settling down on a piece of land and starting our family, building a life filled with love, laughter, and the rich blend of our cultures.
As we prepare to enter marriage, we look back at the path we've traversed with gratitude. Our story is of unexpected love, cultural fusion, and shared dreams, a reminder that love knows no boundaries. We can't wait to share this beautiful journey with all of you.